Tuesday, September 18, 2012



LEE HARDEY   A Star Is Born! “Hard Shelled, Polar Bear” is often used to describe the 23yr old rapper born  Leroy Toles January, 3 1989 coming up in the city of Washington, Dc with limited options and many struggles, he’s managed to “Keep the pen to the paper” He saw rap as his only outlet and has made it his life, as implied through a quote of his own: 


  Upon being accepted in his community for having talent it was then, his drive and passion for Hip-Hop started. A father by day and an artist by night he quickly became a part of DMV’s underground hip-hop scene and was given the name LEE HARDEY.

  LEE HARDEY wanted to create a means to use his interest in hip-hop and performing, as well as make a name for himself and promote the culture.  With vision and determination LEE HARDEY and fellow friends founded the TRIZZICK SQUAD LLC. In the spring of 2012.  
It was then he presented his own hip-hop talent and skills to DMV’s underground scene. In 2012 he began working with the sounds of various artists in DC and other surrounding areas on a regular basis.

  During the early part of 2012 LEE HARDEY was also introduced to another exciting young entrepreneur by the name of JUSTICE, Ceo & Founder of 730 Entertainment. The two quickly formed an alliance and began to work on LEE HARDEY’S own mixtape albums. The two then began to search for new ideas and techniques that can be used to market and promote his new projects.

  TRIZZICK SQUAD PRESENTS: LEE HARDEY “WINTER’S BABY” project due to be released in spring of 2013 and independently promoted throughout several cross promotion & media outlets. The team’s first project is destined to be an instant success.

  Soon thereafter another extension of the LEE HARDEY series entitled TRIZZICK SQUAD PRESENTS: LEE HARDEY “DOUBLE OR NOTHING” will be scheduled for release sometime in  summer 2013. LEE HARDEY has become a house hold name and one of the most popular, sought after independent artist throughout the city. He has performed at local lounges and nightclubs such as: Busboys & Poets, Rio Lounge, Island CafĂ©, and Ibiza Nightclub. With growing attention and feedback from the fans, “Lies” and “Mars” are the biggest singles from his upcoming mixtape.  

  Mentioned as one of the “Hottest” performer‘s to hit the stage. LEE HARDEY was acknowledged and asked to perform on a monthly basis in front of his fellow peers. He has several song collaborations with many known producers and is often mentioned as the topic of discussion at most popular events throughout the city.
  As a demand for the LEE HARDEY “WINTER’S BABY” mixtape increases with every breathe and the TRIZZICK SQUAD territory continues to grow, national media exposure and record label opportunities are being introduced. Throughout the next 12 month period the TRIZZICK SQUAD plans to release more projects and flood the market as they continue to have an impressive influence on the hip-hop generation. The term “WE ARE THE STREETS” best describes LEE HARDEY and the TRIZZICK SQUAD.






Video Links:

LEE HARDEY - A1 Official Video 3:56

 LEE HARDEY - Mars Official Video 4:28

Music & Links:

LEE HARDEY - Flight 4:09

 LEE HARDEY - My Heart Is Into Music 4:04

Keep It A Hunnit 3:10

Stay Schemin (Freestyle) 4:30



§  Performing live in concert along with hip hop artist 2 Chainz @ Ibiza Night Club Wash. Dc, Friday May 25, 2012

§  Paypa Werk Ent. Showcase on 6/16/2012 @ Old Dominion Brew House Hyattsville, Maryland

§  “The Takeover Series Concert” @ DC SOUNDSTAGE Wash. Dc, Saturday August 18, 2012

”LEE HARDEY” has always been an intellectual and expressive person most of his life. Music has somehow always been his calling even through the hard and depressing times coming up in the mean streets of DC.  "It seemed like every step I took towards music, I took two steps back towards a life of crime. This always seemed to intervene every time I tried to do something positive, and the one thing I really wanted to do with my life, was music," he says.  Now that he has dedicated his whole life to music, thanks to his family and friends constantly pushing and telling him that he has what it takes to be successful at what he loves doing so much.

  He's set to shake up the music world and seduce the masses with his hypnotic sound. “LEE HARDEY” describes his music as powerful, hard and versatile.  Not surprising  for his skills in ciphers and talent shows,  He has developed a lyrical style so potent, it pours like liquid fire, some say “His flows are sick”  With such tremendous talent, self-promotion & perseverance  that he has allowed himself the opportunity  to share the stage with some of  DC’s finest artist. As he is continuing his quest to secure himself as a long-lived icon in the world of Hip-Hop.
 With his city behind him and the dedication to make music that the world would love to hear and watch him perform, He is most definitely a force to be reckoned with and will be a major figure in the rap game we know today. “The music I make isn't just songs or words I put on paper, these are my life experiences I'm telling you about," he says...and concludes with "I won’t stop until the whole world knows my story!!

- Lee Hardey